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Skiff is on PrivacyGuides

Skiff Mail has landed on PrivacyGuides!
Skiff on PrivacyGuides logo.

Skiff Mail now recommended mail provider

Skiff Mail is now a recommended email provider on PrivacyGuides’ privacy-first email services. This milestone comes after months of major product updates, including the ability to add hardware security keys, new mobile apps, open-source updates, and positive reviews throughout the media and other product guides.Skiff Mail is now widely recommended by privacy and security advocates. This includes recommendations on:And many more!

What’s PrivacyGuides? is a non-profit, free-to-use website that provides information for protecting your personal security and privacy across all areas of technology.The website offers a variety of resources, including:Guides: These provide detailed instructions on how to protect your privacy with specific online services, such as email, browsers, and VPNs.Recommendations: These list the best privacy-focused tools and services for different categories, such as email, browsers, and VPNs (this list now includes Skiff!).Discussions: This forum allows users to discuss privacy-related topics and share tips and is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about online privacy and how to protect personal data and privacy.

Privacy and security

At Skiff, privacy is the basis of everything we do. From blocking email trackers and supporting Yubikeys, to end-to-end encryption of all sensitive information, Skiff is built to protect your privacy.To learn more about how our products work, consider exploring:
  • Our security architecture, which includes detailed diagrams and a comprehensive breakdown of how we integrate end-to-end encryption into all Skiff products.
  • Our comprehensive and annotated privacy policy elucidates how Skiff safeguards your data as a product and a company (you can register, upgrade, and utilize Skiff without divulging any personal details, and Skiff does not even collect IP logs of user activity!).
  • Our open-source contributions, including Skiff Mail, our user interface library, and our cryptography library.
Want access to privacy?End-to-end encrypted email, document, drive, and calendar.
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Support from the privacy and security communities helps amplify our message to like-minded users and make Skiff products even better. Over the coming months, we’ll have numerous more updates to the Skiff product suite, and we’re excited to see even more enthusiasm from our communities. See below for more information on being involved with Skiff’s online communities and guiding our development process.

Feature requests and the Skiff community

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