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Skiff in the WSJ on encryption

The Skiff Team published an opinion article in The Wall Street Journal advocating against worldwide encryption proposals.
WSJ headline text.
We published an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal: “Encryption Bans… What Is This, Russia?”With Skiff blocked by Russia, we have been even more dedicated to our mission to make collaboration and communication more private and free. However, with this goal, we are alarmed by the amount of legislation and proposals to limit encryption in the U.S., E.U., Australia, and U.K.In our article, we explore recent pushes to limit encryption in these countries, and how they threaten basic democratic values. Limiting or rejecting end-to-end encryption restricts basic freedoms and rights that we expect in democratic states that defend individual rights to freedom of speech, writing, and expression.Read more in the link here, and join our communities on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord to contribute to the conversation.

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