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Learn how to use and share Skiff's products, from settings to team management.


How does Skiff encrypt all my data?Skiff uses end-to-end encryption to keep your information completely private.
What is Skiff?Skiff is an end-to-end encrypted workspace with Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar products.
Are there Skiff apps?Yes! Skiff Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar are currently available on iOS, Android, macOS, and any web browser.
How do I contact support?Our support team can be reached at [email protected].


Can I add a profile picture to my Skiff account?Yes – you can add a profile picture from the account settings page.
Can I change the display name associated with my Skiff account?Yes, you can change your display name on the “Profile & Appearance” page in settings.
Can I change the recovery email address associated with my Skiff account?Yes, you can change your associated recovery email address on the “Account” page in settings.
What should I do if I lose my recovery PDF?When you create an account with Skiff, a recovery key is generated that only you have access to.
I forgot my password. What can I do?If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot password?” button on the signup page.
Can I sign into Skiff on mobile using my Metamask wallet?Skiff users who created their accounts using MetaMask are able to log into Skiff mobile apps (iOS and Android) using the password created on signup.
What are your default email notifications?Skiff apps notify you when you receive an email, or when a team member directly references you in a shared page with an @[name] reference. You'll also receive emails when you are invited to additional Skiff Drive files or Pages.

Skiff Mail

Can I change my Skiff Mail email address?Yes. You can add or remove additional aliases by going to your account settings.

Can I remove an alias?Yes. You can remove an alias from the alias settings page. You are limited in the number of aliases that can be removed from your account.
Are messages stored encrypted?All mail between Skiff users is end-to-end encrypted at all times. Incoming external emails are stored encrypted with your account public keys, keeping messages private to you alone.
Are Skiff Mail, Calendar, Pages, and Drive related?Yes. The same account provides access to all Skiff products.
Is there a Skiff Mail mobile app?Yes. Visit our download page to install the iOS, Android, or macOS app.
Can I use a custom domain for my Skiff Mail address?Yes! You can add up to five custom domains on the Business tier, or three domains on the Pro tier.
Are there size limits to the attachments I can send or receive?Yes. Sending and receiving attachments are limited to 25 MB in size.
Is Skiff Mail open source?Yes! Check out our codebase on GitHub.
Does Skiff Mail support keyboard shortcuts?Yes, Skiff Mail supports keyboard shortcuts. These include:

Skiff Calendar

Can I add video call links?Yes. Add a meeting link to any Skiff Calendar event, or use another video conferencing link in the location.
Are events synchronized with my calendar automatically?Yes! Any invite received in your Skiff Mail inbox will be automatically populated in your calendar.
Are there event reminders?Skiff Calendar's iOS and Android apps send notification reminders before events. Currently, desktop notifications are not supported.
Are there mobile apps for Skiff Calendar?Yes. Visit our download page to download the iOS, Android, or macOS Calendar app.

Skiff Pages

What are “/” commands“/” commands allow you to access all the page formatting and embed features without lifting your hands from your keyboard.
Does Skiff support Markdown?Yes, Skiff Pages supports Markdown shortcuts, import, and export.
How can I change the font and size of the text in my pages?You can highlight text or use the floating toolbar to switch between heading sizes.
What file types does Skiff support?You can upload any text file into Skiff Pages, or download your Google Docs with 1-click import.
Does Skiff have spreadsheets?Skiff currently supports in-page tables.
Can you create a subpage within a parent page?Skiff supports creating pages within a parent page.
If one of my collaborators deletes the contents of my page, what can I do?You can always use the Version History feature to view and restore previous versions of your pages.
How do I export my pages?You can export a page by selecting the “More actions” button in the top right corner of your Skiff page.
How do I import non-Skiff (e.g. Google) docs into my workspace?Read this blog post to learn more. Or, click settings, then import, and select the Google Drive or file option.

Skiff Drive

What file sizes can be uploaded to Skiff Drive?Each plan has its own limit, you can find the details here; however, on paid plans, files can be up to 150 GB in size.
Can you preview Skiff Drive files?Yes. PDF, audio, video, and image files can be previewed in web, mobile, and desktop apps.
Can you store photos in Skiff Drive?Yes! With 10 GB of free storage, storing photos and libraries is easy. And, preview or share them with one click.
How can you import from Google Drive?Select settings, then import, and choose the Google Drive option.
How can you access Skiff Drive on mobile?Visit our download page to access the Drive mobile and desktop apps.